Time & Material

MindGrid organizes project teams which are provided with the requisite resources like right equipment and infrastructure and the right people, i.e, project managers needed for the project. Customers are only required to pay periodic charges depending on the resources usage.

This model offers the ability to adjust team size and composition at any point if variations in the project plan occur. Because of the immediate control this approach affords, most of our services that are delivered on-site, at the client’s location use this business model. This model is also suitable for any ad-hoc work that the client may want to get done.

Time and materials engagements most often include the largest opportunity for interfacing and collaboration between MindGrid and client resources. MindGrid resources are selected based on reviews of both technical skills and interpersonal qualities. They are motivated, highly-competent consultants who work seamlessly with client teams to achieve project objectives while making a positive contribution to the work environment.