Product Flexibility

EasyRetail RMS offers technical, operational and functional flexibility and gives retail owners a variety of means to evolve and adapt to changing market trends. The product’s technology and architecture is flexible enough to deploy it on a branded or open source platform that can be chosen by the retail owner. Scalable architecture helps the retail owner in planning phase-wise expansion and investments.

EasyRetail RMS can be configured and parameterized to make available the required features of the product. Transactions can be configured using the product’s transaction framework.

Operational flexibility can be achieved in many ways and a few of them are as follows:

  • Specific features can be made available to the users, by setting the role and/or user privileges
  • Definition of transaction based approval limits help in achieving better control over the transaction approval process
  • Optionally declaring product promotions during slack season improves the sales
  • Optional availability of information over the Internet to the business owners help them in making prompt and timely decisions

Few of the important features with flexible usage and operations are,

  • Multi-Lingual support
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Multi Site (Location) pricing for products
  • Item management
  • Purchase management
  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • Stock valuation
  • Physical Stock taking
  • Commission & Sales target setup
  • Promotion management
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Barcode Label printing
  • Integration to the Point-of-Sale
  • Availability of un-interrupted customer services
  • Reporting (includes Dot matrix based report printing)

EasyRetail RMS with its browser based Back-Office and standalone POS (both keyboard and touch screen) caters to the various scenarios of Retail business operations.