Product Fact Sheet

Features Feature Availability
Ultra-Lite EZR Lite EZR Standard EZR Enterprise
Setting Retail parameters, User roles and feature mapping, User management and feature mapping,Document reference setup, Audit log *
Document reference setup * * *
SMS Integration
Master Management
Company management * * @
Store, Denomination types, Property Master, Transaction Add-Ons, Till Definition, UOM Conversion *
Country, State, Currency, Currency exchange, Employee, Customer, Supplier, Denomination maintenance
Item Master
Item Cloning, Coupon management, Item Bundling, Promotions, Price Book
Taxation- Tax types, Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction wise, category wise and sub-category wise tax definition
Region, Area, Employee commission, Store-wise Print lines, Approval limits definition, Shift management, Pay-Price terms definition, Customer Loyalty definition, Till Grouping
Item Master – Item (Size,Color,Brand,Category,Price), Supplier Master data import and export
Sales Transactions
Sales enquiry, estimation, quotation
Sales order and Goods Delivery Note
Sales Invoice and Sales Returns
Purchase Transactions
Purchase requisition, RFQ, Quotation
Purchase order & Goods Receipt Note
Purchase Invoice and Purchase Returns
Auto indenting based on Reorder level/Sales quantity
Inventory Transactions
Store requisition, Stock transfer IN and Stock transfer OUT, Damaged Stock Entry
Opening stock entry, Stock adjustments,
Stock physical verify,Shelf/Bin management, Bin-to-bin tranfer
Sales Reports
Sales by category, sub-category, by products, Top/Slow sales, Hourly/Daily/monthly/yearly sales, Sales Register,Sales returns analysis,Daily sales report, Sales Trend (Itemwise & periodwise) report,Sales Performance by Supplier
User/Counter/Day/Shift wise sales report,Profit Analysis by Item/Invoice/Supplier/Brand/Color/Size
Sales by department, product group,employee, Generic sales analysis, Salesman analysis report
Purchases Reports
Suppliers by Items, Goods receipt note by supplier, Pending PO reports and Un-posted documents
Purchase Analysis reports, Purchase register, Purchase return register, Daily Purchases
Inventory Reports
Inventory report,Negative, Stock-On-hand, Stock ledger, Non-moving stock reports
Pullaway& Putaway Report
Reorder level stock report
Stock Expiry Report
Miscellaneous Reports
Master Listing Reports
Commission report
Customer Transactions History
Cash declarations,Layaway transactions and POS payment reports
Data Synchronization
Data synchronization between branches and central office
Financial Accounting #
Account grouping, Master, Voucher types,Schedules, Financial periods, Book Closure, Voucher Entry,Opening Balances entry #
Financial Accounting Reports #
Day books, Ledger, Sub-Ledger, Debtors & Creditors Ledgers, Trail balance,P & L A/c, Balance sheet,Bank Reconciliation, Payables and Receivables ageing #
Sales, Returns/Credit Note, Iterm/Customer Search, Void item/Sale,Quantity/Price change,Hold/Recall,Loyalty points tracking, Multiple payment options,User security, Cash drawer functionailty,Credit card processing,Receipt customization and preview, Cashier denomication declarations
Quick Customer registration
Sales Quotation,Invoice Print & Retrive
Special Features
Cost Effective Barcode printing
On-Screen alert of promotional items
Mobile Webapp Features
Physical Stock Taking
Sales Analysis (Date Range)
Purchase Analysis (Date Range)
Stock Re-order Report
Inventory Report
Peripherals support
Printer support (thermal, dot matrix & laser)
Line display support
Barcode Scanner support
Cash drawer support
Card reader support